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Our party was founded to rectify the mistakes of many political parties operating in our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. What has ever been the greatest mistake of the many political parties and their ideologies out there is the fact of neglecting human resource and substituting it for material item. To the extent that, human being who is the first wealth of the world has been akin to any other commodity that the trader can value, devalue or get rid of it any time and anyway he wants. Hence corruption has become the order of the day in DRC.
From time immemorial, when the Belgian King Leopold II, the number one world terrorist and crowned thief considered our country as his private property, mutilating our ancestors for rubber, ivory and coffee plantations to the advent of the democratic neo-colonization; Congolese citizens have always been a “one source for the lucrative cargo: slave labour on vast scale.” The Congo’s slave-labour regime, and the millions of lives it is taking, is still continuing, and this time, under the pretext of promoting democracy. The PNC single-handedly has made it a cause to fight for and wishes it should unite the whole world now to rally around it and liberate DRCongo.
Those experts in Congo matters who speak with laconic voice in pretending to do good in Congo must get out of the way, because history will not recognize them. Not at all. The corruption they have injected in Congo and the humiliation they have inflicted to its people, on ground of their greed will be exposed. It is time to aim all their guns at us again.
For a political party to survive in DRC, it must be privy to the immoral and betraying game being performed by the ruling party, even if its practices do not guarantee tomorrow.
To achieve their goals, money-mongers use many methods among which, the media stand as a potential tool of construction and demolition; conviction and deviation. As a simple illustration; a Tutsimania password has been circulated to all agents of imperialism mafia to espouse the thesis according to which Tutsis have been in DRC for more than a century; and that, a newly cloned tribe called Banyamulenge is being discriminated against on ground that they are a minority group! Pure garbage. And academics have been dragged in to support scientific atrocities which do not match their levels.
The PNC site is not created as a circumstantial site owing to the crisis in DRCongo. It is rather, a mouth piece of our party and those who share our ideas as regard the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance and protection of the Congolese identity in our country and world wide. By opposing the dehumanizing process in the DRC, till now, the PNC undertakes to protect the country and its people’s future; because the present political dispensation which is being manhandled by a government led by a criminal, mercenary and a foreigner does not augur well our future as a sovereign country. It is our duty to protect our future. Because, not long ago, those who are lecturing democracy today were freedom fighters like us. They were branded as communists, terrorists, Mujahideens, etc.. for their opposing the wrong. The PNC expects from them a serious introspection before their attempting to condemn our deeds.  The PNC will not condone their considering our country as a political laboratory nor a dumping site where cobblers, barmen, illiterate taxi drivers and money launderers must be imposed on us as head of state.
We all know that accurate pieces of information on DRC cannot come out of internationally sponsored media. The history of Africa will not be written in Moscow, New York, Paris, neither London nor Brussels, once said Patrice Lumumba. It is therefore a patriotic obligation to Congolese nationals themselves to deliver true information about their country, even if they are short of capital. It is astonishing that whenever Congolese persons dare tell the real side of the story out of the drama that is ravaging their country; agents of imperialism niched in all structures qualify such statements as “radical, insult, danger to peace, conspiracy to overthrow the hardly won peace, etc...” All in all it has became a strategy to blackout any truth of the atrocities occurring in our country and a drug to discourage any good willing person or organization to support the fight against an international plot.
So many rubbish PhDs have been dished out of universities dealing with various theses of the crisis in the Great Lakes of Africa; too many “experts” in DRC matters are fat cats as they pretend to be the think tanks to be consulted, too many institutes of this and that have circumstantially been created to diverge the truth on DRC while the martyred DRC citizens helplessly stand, listen and look at how their country is being dissected by imperialistic scavengers and hyper liars.
The PNC is hurting. We know it. It is a needle inside the foot of the giant, a bug in the body of a dog. Indeed, it is a political party that fights to liberate DRC out of the neo-colonialism grip sponsored by callous financial sharks and vampires. The PNC is a political movement whose aim it is to take the DRC and Africa out of the cynical claws of imperialism. It is a party that refuses to be what world’s criminals want it to be: a collaborative party in evil, a party of political dealers, like the one currently ruling our country.
This site, like some others run by DRCongolese patriots, will help clarify some issues in DRC which always are distorted by some and well-known sponsored media. DRCongo whose warring situation has always been shelved out by many international organizations has suffered humiliation never inflicted to any country ever since the world exists.
 Our country is a special case that both African leaders as well as international ones feign to forget since the chaotic situation they have created is feeding them.  For, since 1885, after the Berlin Conference, our country has endured a holocaust which does magnetize neither the pity nor the comprehension of the world... Our country is just a story of greed, terror, injustices and our lonely heroism against world organized crimes. Lonely because, many countries in the world have triumphed over evil thanks to the support received from others. France sent General Lafayette to help America during its war time, European countries under the Hitleran yoke had the USA and URSS come to their rescue, the whole world almost supported South Africa to defeat the Apartheid regime, etc.. But DRCongo is a lonesome country fighting the greedy whole world.
Writers and individuals such as George Washington Williams, Joseph Conrad,  E.D. Morel, Sir Roger Casement, Hezekiah Andrew Shanu, Reverend William H. Sheppard, Adam Hochschild, etc..had written many exposes against the brutalities used in the Congo, but all these efforts remain waterless canal where no canoe can sail!
In 2001, a UN team investigating crimes in DRC has proved that more than 5.000.000 DRCongolese citizens have died since the beginning of the war in 1996.  A sponsored war led by its neighbors and dubbed “rebellion” by world’s lecturers of democracy and good governance! Sponsored media however have found risible euphemism by qualifying massacres in DRC as “deaths related to war, diseases and famines”. Nonetheless, they never argue why, before DRC invasion such death toll has never been recorded, even during Mobutu reign! DRC resources are being plundered, but world’s “democrats” term that “investment” under globalization! The UN has data of crimes in DRC and knows pretty well the war perpetrators. However, they keep mum. No trial court is instituted.
 Forty years after the brutal assassination of our first Prime Minister Patrice Emery Lumumba, films are being shot to mock on Congolese people and display the exploits of the organized murderers whom till to date walk scot-free without any trial.
But, when a fictitious 500.000, 700.000, 800.000, 1.000.000( !?) Tutsis are slaughtered by their own fellowmen in Rwanda, the ever sectarian UN Security Council decides to institute the Arusha Tribunal to judge the “genocidaires”, yet the real genocidaires are known and ruling in Kigali as well as in DRCongo!
Just few years after the assassination of Rafik Hariri in Lebanon, the UN Security Council institutes a special court to investigate and put on trial his presumed killers.
Amazingly, the same UN Security Council goes blind, mute and inapt to condemn, investigate or arrest the invaders and killers of the more than 5.000.000 DCongolese citizens. Such massacre in DRCongo has no name in dictionaries. It is not a killing, not a massacre, not a genocide nor holocaust, since DRCongo is an abattoir of the world’s multinationals and other sub-contracted criminals and demagogues rooming around Africa and who call themselves Heads of states, leaders of this and that. There is no trial for the killers of Lumumba, there is no tribunal for the killers of Laurent Desire Kabila, because Congolese citizens are animals farm! Is it that democracy? Democracy without justice is hypocrisy.
The Parti National Congolais is open to all organizations, countries, investors and individuals who refuse to stomach injustice for the promotion of humanity and good living for all human beings. We believe that it is a duty for every human being to fight wrongs in a bid to set the world free. While we believe that imperialism is always afraid of the truth which scorches its aims, we invite the same agents of imperialism to frankly come to DRCongo to invest, respect us and abide by the real laws to be made by the authentic Congolese citizens, not a clique of despotic mercenaries in power thanks to imposed and farcical elections.

Jemadari Vi-Bee-Kil Kilele
        PNC President